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It’s time to start your own art journey…

Start your new hobby today! I am passionate about art and teaching it, come and join this growing artistic family and fulfil your ambitions. I have a life time in art and I will pass on all I know, I am a popular and sought after teacher, mentor, coach and artist.

Whether I teach students in Tanzania, the classroom in England or online, my teaching is the same, I teach using approachable language and techniques. Each assignment is a step-by-step guide in written and visual format. Learn ART Online.uk is very much a personal experience with huge flexibility to work when you want to, anywhere in the world, with my regular individual feedback. Remember – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step”.

StartART by LearnARTOnline.uk

StartART – you will start with the core techniques I have devised over the years that guarantee you will learn to draw as well as you can and confidently start to paint in watercolours. I am proud of this course, it has taken six years of teaching face-to-face to realise that I can teach it online too, to many more people. If you have ever wanted to explore your own creativity, this is the place to start.

StartART is a total of ten detailed step-by-step assignments that build on one another and are accompanied by lots of images and some videos of me doing the sessions with you. Each assignment is carefully constructed and delivered. I also offer a personal Zoom meeting in the middle and the end (should you wish it); you will have three months to complete the course.

StartART will teach you to SEE, leave you feeling confident in your own creative abilities and give you a sense of achievement and pride. I teach you to draw and paint and encourage you at the end of the course to continue to develop your own style; this is my USP, my strength is that I know I can bring out your own artistic style.

I promise, you won’t regret it.


StartART will teach you the techniques to allow you to draw as well as you can and also start to paint with watercolours.

How it works: You work on an online platform and have your own designated space. I have created ten detailed step-by-step assignments and I give personal feedback by audio and/or text throughout the course, with Zoom meetings too.

As soon as you pay the course fee
: LearnARTOnline.uk will be notified and you will then be sent an invitation to join your course on an online platform. The course is step-by-step words and photographic demonstrations and some videos too. Part of the way through I will invite you to join me on a personal Zoom meeting to see how you are doing. All assignments will have personal audio or written feedback by me sent directly to your portal in the online platform.
At the end of the course we will have another one-to-one Zoom meeting so we can talk about your work and should you wish, I will point you in further directions so you can continue to grow.

Why am I charging £400? Because I believe it is worth it. I will share with you my carefully devised classes that I have been working on for years, you will have individual feedback and video meetings. I do believe my way of teaching is unique – you will come away with a real sense of your own style forming, this is not a class where you are only drawing one thing in one way, these classes are generic and will allow you to draw ANYTHING in to the future.

StartART – is what you need to start your creative journey.


StartART by LearnARTOnline.uk is a wonderful course to get you started on your creative journey, it will give you all you need. You will learn to draw as well as you can and begin to come to terms with colour mixing and matching, see what watercolours can do and give you confidence to paint, I promise you. If you want more after you have completed it, contact me to discuss.


If you’re not sure, want more information or want to talk:

“The most significant thing I’ve learned is to have fun and enjoy making art. Don’t be scared to have a go. The course exceeded my expectations, thank you Jane“. NW

“As a result of Jane’s courses I’ve given myself permission to take art seriously.” LO

“Making Art Reduces Stress”

“Jane’s courses have not only developed my drawing and painting skills but have given me a much broader appreciation of artistic styles and approaches.” JH

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