I facilitate change through art

I teach people to be creative and witness them growing

I facilitate change through art

Over the years I have been teaching adults art I have watched and helped people change and grow. There are those of us who want and need to be creative, to paint, draw, get our hands dirty, ‘mess about’. If that sounds familar, you are in the right place. Art can be life changing.

Students have come to me with the need to express themselves in a non-verbal way, often fearful that art is beyond them or they were told they were rubbish at school or by family.

I know it is not beyond anyone who wants to, to add creativity to their lives; nobody else has to see it, should you choose, but it will show in your own self belief.

Some people live such busy lives that they barely have enough time to breathe; and some need an activity to fill a void.

Art can not only allow you to breathe it will fill a void, even if you don’t think you have one! Not necessarily a void of interests or tasks, but a void of headspace. Some of us don’t seem to have much headspace these days. I know that when I tap in to that creative side, become involved with making or painting or drawing and allow myself not to think about the pile of other work to do or the shopping list or dinner or meetings in the morning, it is a revolutionary and calming, private time; art is revitalising.

I can show you how to become involved and engaged with the other side of your mind and give you some headspace too.

Art doesn’t suit everyone, I am not saying that, people run, cycle, walk, meditate, do yoga. All these activities are similar in that they give you space, it just depends on what you like to do. Art is not the sole activity for me either, I walk, I swim, but I do know I give myself time for my art, it is a crucial part of my existence and I miss it when I am not creating.

There is a difference between the energising effect of running, etc., and art; in art you produce something, it is amazing! You can look at it the next day and think, “oooh, I did that, it’s pretty good” even though you might not have thought so at the time. You can give something to someone, a bit of you, should you wish. Or keep it private and show no-one else. That’s ok too.

There are those of us who want and need to be creative, to paint, draw, get our hands dirty, ‘mess about’. If that sounds familar, you are in the right place. I can teach you to express yourself through your own art.

LH: “Jane does not prescribe to one method of doing things.

“She teaches techniques & then encourages her students to develop both their own particular style, and also their own use of a preferred medium.”

“Art Opens Your Heart and Feeds Your Mind”

AB: ” Jane is a very generous and attentive tutor.

“Her teaching strikes a balance between clear instruction, demonstration and a very flexible approach to encouraging individual styles to emerge.”

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