“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

Costs, claims and warnings

  • YES! You can draw and paint! I will show you.
  • StartART is on offer at £200, down from £400. I am proud of these courses that will teach you to see, draw and begin to paint.
  • I do believe my way of teaching is unique – you will come away with a real sense of your own style forming, this is not a class where you are only drawing one thing in one way, these classes are generic and will allow you to draw ANYTHING in to the future.
  • After drawing comes painting. If you just want to paint, this course is not for you.
  • StartART – is what you need to start your creative journey and show you that YES! You can draw.
  • Click here to see some endorsements for my teaching, in class and online.
  • Warning! StartART demands your time and commitment. It is hard work, but the rewards are huge; I promise you.
  • There is no deadline for you to complete the course, but I would suggest give yourself maximum 3 months as this will propell you forwards at a good pace and keep you motivated. There is always so much to learn, so keep at it.

Summing up StartART

  • StartART will teach you to draw. Then it will teach you how to paint.
  • StartART will NOT teach you your style, we will work on that as you go. I don’t believe in teaching style. I do believe in giving the right tools in the right order so that students have a thorough grasp of the basic techniques. THEN you can work on style and I will help you.
  • StartART comprises ten detailed step-by-step assignments that build on one another, 5 each for drawing and watercolours
  • You will start with the core techniques I have devised over the years that guarantee you will learn to draw as well as you can and confidently start to paint in watercolours
  • Lots of my visual examples accompany each assignment
  • Easy to follow instructions written in a constructive and approachable language with loads of tips, hints and extras as you go
  • A materials list is given for each course
  • Telephone personal in-depth feedback sessions at the end of the Drawing Level One (DL1), and then Watercolours Level One (WCL1); we will talk about your work on the ‘phone, if you are overseas we will talk by Skype.
  • StartART will teach you to SEE, leave you feeling confident in your own creative abilities and give you a sense of achievement and pride.
  • You will start to develop your own style by the end of the course; this is my USP, my strength is that I know I can bring out your own artistic style.
  • StartART is very much a personal experience with huge flexibility to work when you want to, anywhere in the world

What happens after you sign up

  • As soon as you pay by BACs (please ask me for account details) I will welcome you!
  • You will then receive a PDF document of the whole course, by email – Drawing Level One (DL1) and Beginning Watercolours Level One (WCL1).
  • When you have finished the Drawing course (DL1) you will send me images of your work by attachments by email.
  • Once I have received your work by email, we will talk on the ‘phone, at a mutually convenient time.
  • You will then move on to Beginning Watercolours (WCL1) – as before you will send me images of your work when you have completed the whole course.
  • You and I will have another session on the ‘phone. This will complete StarART.
  • If during either course you wish to communicate with me, have any queries or problems you are free to contact me by email.
  • If you would like more personal tuition or coaching I offer it, to artists from beginners to professionals.

If you’re not sure, want more information or want to talk:

“The most significant thing I’ve learned is to have fun and enjoy making art. Don’t be scared to have a go. The course exceeded my expectations, thank you Jane“. NW

“As a result of Jane’s courses I’ve given myself permission to take art seriously.” LO

“Making Art Reduces Stress”

“Jane’s courses have not only developed my drawing and painting skills but have given me a much broader appreciation of artistic styles and approaches.” JH

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