About me

I paint and I teach people to draw and paint

My story

It took me a long time to give myself permission to connect properly to my artistic side, but it is who I am and I now help others to be free to connect too through teaching art. If I can give someone else a fraction of the solace I gain from my artistic endeavours I am happy. I know I have done that over the years to many people and it makes me proud.

My previous life was as a graphic designer which I loved until computers came along, yes I am that old. I had to change my way of working overnight from hands on rotring pens and scalpels to Quark Xpress and Photoshop. I had to get email, “Why do I need email? I’ve got a fax machine and a phone and stamps.” I asked my Mac supplier Jeremy, “You’ll see” he said. That was the mid 1980s. I remember my first Mac, scanner and printer cost me £10,000. My Apple Mac had 40mbs of Ram and 4mbs disk drive. It came with a 9in monitor, a few floppy disks and I could only use one program at a time because I didn’t have enough disk space to open more. I also remember the first brochure I created on it, it was all flowing text and weird colours, because I could, it was dreadful. Then the recession came and work for freelance designers was sparse as everyone thought they could do their own design now as they had PCs and Word. Suffice to say I hated it.

Many people went under, big advertsising agencies suffered hugely and some collapsed.

I survived because I spend money frugally and saved. But survive is the word I would use for the next 15 years until I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I hated not speaking to people face-to-face, I hated the fact everyone wanted work yesterday and for no money, graphic design used to be a craft highly regarded and now it was a hard fought inpersonal commodity.

In 2000 I met someone new who encouraged me to explore my own art. I came up with the phrase: “What would I do if I won the lottery or what would I regret if I died tomorrow?” – the answer was the same – I needed to pursue my own art before I died of creative boredom. I was lucky, I was emotionally and financially supported for the first time in my life and I completed my first degree, BA Hons Fine Art in 2005, then my MA Arts and Ecology in 2008. I started teaching workshops and discovered I loved it and knew more than I thought I did. I came alive.

I now paint, I sell, I teach others, I mentor artists. I actually have found I’m pretty good at it (excuse that boast).

YES! You can draw

I can help you be free to express yourself, to help release in you the stress you may feel in this busy life. I can help you discover a part of yourself that either you don’t know exists or you know is there but don’t know how to release it.

Art can do that. In fact it’s very good at it.

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I facilitate change

I can help you to connect to a part of you that is hiding. Art is incredibly important, it connects us to a part of our being that over time has been lost, forgotten, stamped on, been criticised, been seen as ‘just’ playing. But I say creating art to some people is crucial, you know that feeling if you are reading this. And I do believe creativity is life changing if you have not explored it but feel a need to do so. You will change through the processes that Learn ART Online.uk has developed.

I’m passionate to share what I have inately done all my life

While it took me a long time to be able to have the courage and the support to pursue my artistic side seriously, I know that for others it is not something that necessarily comes easily. I have developed a style of teaching that is approachable, fun, challenging and ultimately will give you an inner pride and sense of achievment and peace outside of your day to day life.

I will share your new journey and support you along the way

I want you to feel more free, to give yourself permission to draw and paint, and I will hold your hand metaphorically. We all need a hand from time to time. Let me help you and introduce you to an artistic family that you will sit right inside of.

I will share your new journey and support you along the way

By the end of the course you will have begun to develop your own style; this is my USP, my strength is that I know I can bring out your own artistic style.

I promise, you won’t regret it.

I teach art

I teach students the basics first. Much art teaching is not done this way, but believe me – it works.

Build the foundations well and you will have a solid grasp of the subject. I know that to learn the basic techniques first allows one to move on with confidence, think riding a bike with stabalizers to start with, slowly having the courage to allow them to be removed. Same is said for art; I have devised a series of step-by-step sessions that I know work. I teach the basic techniques, I then challenge my students to push themselves, encourage their own ways to express themselves with their own style. My teaching will create a freedom for you.

I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds – but all with a common goal – to learn how to express themselves through art

Most people I work with have always wanted to be artistic, but for infividual reasons have not been able to devote the time, have felt thay can’t do it, or felt they could not give themselves permission to do so. I understand that, but I promise you if you make a start with me you will rightly discover that the emails can be put aside for a bit, the desk full of papers can be dealt with later, the report will get done, as will the house be clean enough and the lawn be cut in due course. I have my own long journey, much of it hard financially and emotionally (but you don’t want to know about me!!), and through it all my friend, and solace, has been by my side – my creativity. When I’m stressed, angry, desperate, or when I’m happy, full of joy and love – drawing, painting, ‘messing about’, has helped me express myself like no other way can.

“Jane’s classes incorporate a well thought out progression of exercises that successfully encourage anyone with an interest in developing their own artistic potential.

Adults who haven’t drawn since school, to those more skilled artists, there is something for everyone here.

Painting is self discovery” Jackson Pollock

“This is no ‘one size fits all’ type of course, it is much more accomplished than that.
“I cannot recommend it highly enough”. LH

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