Those who get the most out of art are those who do it”.

Grayson Perry, 4 May 2020 UK TV Channel 4

What I do

I facilitate change through art.
I teach art.
I paint.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.


I facilitate change.

Over the years I have been teaching adults I have watched people change and grow. Art can be life changing.

I teach art online.

I actually dont think I ‘just’ teach art. I think I allow people, encourage people, push people – to be themselves.

I draw and paint.

I have always drawn and painted. I feel lucky it comes naturally to me, and to be honest I wouldn’t know who I was if I didn’t do it; my art is part of me, it makes me.

My Story

I am a mid career artist, primarily a painter now; I have 30 years of creative background. I also teach art to adults one-to-one and online through Learn ART, my passion is to teach art to others in the way I wish I had been taught years ago.

I am an academician of SWAc, if you would like to apply click here.

Online and offline Jane is a natural teacher. She inspires confidence whilst at the same time challenging and not allowing me to ‘hide’ and escape difficult tasks“. HS

I feel part of the landscape when I take time to draw and I see so much more

I can teach you to draw and paint

We all need help from time to time, I have certainly received my fair share for which I am grateful. And I believe you are here because you need, deserve, want more or different. Well done!!! You know the Chinese proverb – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, that’s where you are now. I honestly believe (as do others) I am able to help you become more artistically expressive, proud and peaceful.

“Jane is an empathetic, rigorous, fun and patient person who importantly is a gifted artist as well as teacher.” HS

Art improves self-esteem and reduces stress
That’s my quote!

“When I decided to face my fear and take up painting lessons, I interviewed several teachers and I decided you were the one I wanted to study with.” PS